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Campus Summit 2019

As we consider where God has faithfully positioned us as a SERVE Campus Network in 2018, our hearts are filled with gratitude. Over the past number of years, He has networked us together and created a family around campus ministry. This has been a faith-filled journey for us all.

Now we are at a new moment, a time to answer a call forward to something Greater.

The theme 'Greater' is a forward call and upward spiritual trajectory that involves humble and lowly acts of serving and selflessness.

Greater values what has been. Striving for Greater campus ministry moments highlights the importance of all that has happened to date and pushed us to build upon the faith-works already completes. Leaning in, so that Christ's kingdom grows.

It is time for us, together, to grow from pockets of missional communities into a missional movement. Part of that will be accomplished by coming together and hearing from God through each other and those who serve in this arena of ministry. 

This summit is for practitioners - that is people serving in campus ministry, for leaders who deal with people that are in college, university or young adult age, this is for pastors and those who carry a burden for our universities, this is for individuals who have a call to campus ministry. This is for anyone who wants to become a part of a missional movement that transforms students' lives and calls them to mission.

Make an investment in your spiritual journey and calling. Set aside May 27 to 29, 2019 to join us in the Rockies and let's see God do something Greater in our lives and the lives of those around us.

Brian Egert and SERVE Campus Network Guiding Group.