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Develop a New Habit. Pray for our Kids... Every Day

Prayer changes things. We say it, but do we honestly believe? Are we praying with intention? Are we praying continuously as Scripture instructs? To pray without ceasing means that there must be a habit formed.

Prayer changes things.  We say it, but do we honestly believe?  Are we praying with intention?  Are we praying continuously as Scripture instructs?  To pray without ceasing means that there must be a habit formed.  Anything we do without stopping actually shows that the human body or mind has created a habit—it will continue doing it over and over again, sequentially or with rhythm.  It’s kind of like learning to ride a bike.  Once you develop the form and ability, you can ride your way from one community to another without any difficulty.  The habit of prayer is similar.  It’s a daily commitment to converse with God on matters that matter. 

Mission Canada knows that the next generation matters to God, and therefore the lives of our children and our teens must matter to us.  We must lift our children before the Lord daily, whether they are our children or belong to someone else. A prayer habit could actually affect change.  Change in the lives of the next generation.  Change where you may have not thought possible.  Positive change.  Godly change.

There are many ways you can pray for those who are children and teens growing up in today’s society. Today’s kids are being influenced, shaped and molded at every move...  Every flip of a television channel.  Every value a teacher passes along. Every happy moment and every challenge within their home setting.  Every family relationship.  Every lyric being sung.  Every online video being viewed.  Every social media feed being read.  Every waking moment of everyday a child’s mind and heart is being shaped. They are continuously taking in and being taught, whether at home, school, church or in a playground.

Researchers say it takes just 21 days to create a habit.  Yes, in just three short weeks a new habit can be formed, good or bad.  Why not develop a daily habit of praying for the next generation, interceding on behalf of children and teenagers in Canada who need to know that God is real, that He loves them, and that He has an incredible plan for their lives.child-praying

Begin today. Begin now.  Form a habit of prayer that will impact generation to come. Every day take one of these very real prayer needs to the Lord.  If a child comes to mind who may be experiencing exactly what you are praying about, call them by name. Intercede on their behalf.  Not only will you develop a new habit, one worth carrying on through life, but you will see lives of children changed and transformed.  Prayer does change things!

Begin now – praying for children who…

  1. face the damaging effects of verbal abuse in their home
  2. are overwhelmed and over programmed by school, sports and lessons
  3. live in an environment where dad or mom medicate their pain with mood-altering substances
  4. are committed to taking a stand for Christ in their home and school
  5. live with the fear that divorce will ruin their family one day
  6. are consumed and influenced negatively by media, television and the internet
  7. are afraid to share their faith for fear of being bullied
  8. know how it feels to face bare or empty kitchen cupboards
  9. drop out of school and face the risk of living in poverty for the rest of their lives
  10. suffer the tormenting effects of physical or sexual abuse
  11. live in affluent settings with many practical life needs being met, yet feel alone and unloved
  12. have to care for younger siblings due to lack of parental care
  13. stare through barred windows into rundown and dangerous neighbourhood
  14. have every technological gadget on the market but feel so alone
  15. feel they have no one with whom they can share their struggles of life
  16. have no knowledge or understanding of God’s Word
  17. desire to have a Godly mentor who will help them make good decisions
  18. have no one who speaks encouraging words into their lives
  19. have an absentee parent who rarely calls or visits
  20. fear their school may experience a bomb or shooting some day because others have
  21. have not yet experienced the love of Jesus!

   One of the greatchild-praying9966426cb2cf645badfcff00009d593a challenges for mission within our nation is the next 
   generation. Mission Canada serves the PAOC’s districts and local 
   churches, and places workers in priority groups across the nation where 
   the gospel must be present.  Mission Canada, the PAOC’s national 
  mission agency, currently prioritizes the following as challenges for 
   mission:  NEXT  GENERATION (Children, Youth, Campus), Aboriginal 
   peoples, Quebec and Francophone Canada, Cultural Language Groups 
   and Newcomers to Canada, and those in our Urban Centres.

   Together, we must pray…and unite our efforts for the sake of our next 
   generation in Canada. Thank you for praying for the next 21 days.  That’s 
  all it takes to create a habit!

Natalie Rogge is the Strategic Manager for Mission Canada and the Coordinator of the Mission Canada Next Gen Children Guiding Group.