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LIGHT IN FILM is launching in Montreal!

Mission Canada is excited to announce a brand new reach into Quebec – to the film and entertainment industry!

Jamie Rauch, through his Mission Canada worker role, has now taken LIGHT IN FILM to urban Montreal.  Light In Film began in downtown Vancouver.  It was a dream which was set in motion two years ago when Jamie joined Mission Canada as an urban worker to the film and entertainment industry in Canada.  What began in Vancouver as monthly meetings, has since moved to bi-monthly and even more recently, weekly gatherings.  Known as “The Underground”, every Wednesday evening a large group of actors, models, producers and directors meet in a coffee shop, after hours, to hear God’s Word and discover the True meaning of hope for daily living. Praying together and being accountable in faith and action to one another is key to every meeting.   A three-month “Underground” experiment took Light In Film into Langley BC in the Spring of 2016, reaching those in the industry who work outside of the Vancouver urban core. 

Light In Film Montreal kicked off with its first meeting on July 28, 2016, and is scheduled for monthly meetings the last Thursday of each month moving forward.  Jamie has gathered a team of people on the ground in Montreal to help to make this happen.  Locations are not announced publicly as “The Underground” is intentionally meant to be a “by invitation only” opportunity for those in the film and entertainment industry.  Their lives are often spent in the lights so private events allow those in this line of work to just be real and unguarded, in a comfortable environment where they are free to listen, ask questions, respond if they so desire, and not feel pressured. 

Jamie is thankful to God for the doors being opened, as he is faithful to call people to a place of hope and purpose found only in a relationship with Christ.  This missional endeavour needs your daily prayer support.  Also, we would encourage you to come on board financially in support of what we are doing to make a difference in the film and entertainment industry in Canada.  You can give at  Watch the Light In Film video on this link as well.  Your partnership in helping us reach our fellow Canadians who are influencing our entertainment industry daily is significant.  You can be part of bringing Jesus to them! Thank you for considering a partnership with us. We promise to provide you with updates on what is happening and where.  Right now we can tell you that Jesus is being made famous in urban Vancouver and now in Montreal, as people are hearing God’s Word, choosing to follow Jesus, and committing to being disciple. Statistics would tell us that Sunday morning attendance in Protestant evangelical churches in Quebec is less than 1% of the province’s population.  But, we can tell you… God is at work in Canada and we are seeing it happen through Light In Film! 

For more information on how you can start a Light In Film missional outreach in your city, or to get in touch with Jamie, email him at