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PAOC 4-14: God is at work in Quebec as we seek to reach children.

God is at work in Quebec as we seek to reach children.  Here’s a story that inspires…

There has been significant growth in the area of reaching children in one of our French PAOC churches. The church decided to upgrade their Sunday School, believing that if they did, God would help them in reaching more children.  The would be sunday-schoolready for growth!  They wanted kid to come and experience Jesus in new and different ways.  Their new teaching focus for kids includes short time with specific themes:  circus, science lab and adventure island. This same church also has a summer camp that started with around 50 kids.  Last year 92 kids come from all over Québec City area! The children get to connect with God in this camp setting, and we saw how the Holy Spirit was at work in the hearts of the children who came.  One volunteer parent said, “I had never prayed with my boy, now here we are, hand in hand praying together and crying together. My boy said, ‘I love you, all by himself’!  Thank you Jesus.”

(Submitted by Philippe Chasse, PAOC Quebec District Children’s Specialist)

Reaching kids in Quebec…

In two of our English churches in Quebec , they had a burden for the children in their neighbourhood, immigrants from Sri Lanka and Philippines, so they started a VBS. In the first year 65 kids came from all over.  A pastor’s wife who works as a translator at a hospital even brought sick kids to VBS so they could hear about Jesus. Half of these children never heard about Jesus before. Yes, even in Quebec there are immigrants that come from countries that have never heard about Jesus. The kids come for a whole day of songs, games, activities and stories about the best super hero ever, Jesus, and they get the opportunity to hear how much God loves them. What made the event even more precious was that the parents also came.  While the kids had fun, the parents stayed and the church fed them and they also gvbsot to hear about Jesus. The parents sit in the back of the church and look and listen to all that is going on throughout the day.  This church has been doing this type of VBS for the last two years and they are doing it again this year, now it has become a two day event, instead of just one!