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PAOC 4-14 Focus: Saskatchewan

Serving as a Children’s Pastor in Saskatchewan I get to encourage children, parents, and leaders in their faith. I invite you to join me in praying for the children, junior teens, and the parents here in the heart of the prairies. 

Let’s pray for: 

Children and Junior Teens in Rural and Urban Saskatchewan to:
* Have a personal, growing, and lasting relationship with Jesus
* Have a biblical worldview and develop their values based on the Bible 
* Love their local church and make the church a priority in their lifestyle 
* Develop a love for people and know how to make them feel how to belong 
* Courage to stand up against bullying and become leaders that know how to build others up 
* Learn how to put down their smart devices and build relationships in person 

Parents to: 
* Experience the freedom found in the message of the Gospel 
* Not become fatigued in everyday life duties and have wisdom in raising their children 
* Understand the importance of teaching and showing their children the scriptures 
* Develop a stronger partnership with the church 4-14-icon
* Experience the provision and power of God everyday 

 Next Generation Pastors and Leaders to: 
* Be renewed in the Holy Spirit, Bible and in their prayer times 
* Wisdom as they lead the children, parents, and leaders
* Have greater connection across rural and urban Saskatchewan to encourage 
   each other to share ideas/resources 

Robert B. Clark, Children’s Pastor 
Elim Church, Saskatoon, SK