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Youth Leadership Certification Course

Get certified… while doing what you love

The Youth Leadership Certification Course is a program for the youth leader who is untrained and asking for help! This 12 month program, designed by experienced youth leaders from across Canada, offers vital training in the basics of youth ministry. At the end of this two semester course, you will be certified by The PAOC… all from where you live. The course provides a basic level of preparation for volunteer leaders in the local church. It covers issues like planning, communication, budgets and finance, personal ethics, spiritual discipline, leadership development, missions, etc. - all the pertinent things that the leader of a youth ministry needs to know. While It is designed to be self-guided by the student, a mentor is recommended to optimize the course. There is a weekly lesson that requires 1 to 1.5 hours of work, for 52 weeks. The course comes in the form of two workbooks, each with 6 months' worth of material. Once the course material is complete, it is submitted for approval, and then a certificate is issued. Each student must enroll to receive the books and achieve certification.

Each study chapter will guide you to:

  • Read God’s Word and thematic writings developed by recognized Children’s Ministries leaders across Canada.
  • Reflect on what you are learning through journaling, evaluation, planning and preparations; enabling you to identify needs and formulate responses.
  • Respond through homework assignments designed to flesh out the content with real life responses.

Order the Youth Leadership Certification Course from Mission Canada’s resource and distribution arm, Wordcom Christian Resources. Available in English and French.

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