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Campus Mission Canada

Campus Mission Canada is the Emerging Generation/Campus expression of Mission Canada. Mission Canada, led by director Brian Egert, is the National Mission Agency of The PAOC that assists churches and their leaders in fulfilling Christ's mission in Canada. Assistance is provided by way of resources, strategic thinking and partnerships, networking with like-minded people and the facilitation of ministry across the nation.

The Church as the body of Christ is comprised of many parts, each working together for a common goal. It forms the hands and feet of Christ on earth, effectively ministering to an unreached world. Mission Canada aspires to function in a similar way. It is not a top down bureaucratic structure. Rather, it works from the bottom up. The PAOC's concern and vision for Canada does not originate in the Mission Canada office; rather, Mission Canada gathers proven, qualified leaders from across the country to address the different missiological needs inherent in our nation. Mission Canada groups are comprised of leaders who gather around common areas of passion, burden, and ministry activity. They provide what no one person could provide: that is, the broader, more informed vision for ministry to the Canadian mission field. Based on their collective experience and expertise, these groups further articulate the vision, values, and proposed strategies that can help reach those in our nation who have not yet experienced the love that Christ provides.

Mission Canada comes alongside and supports local and district initiatives to develop campus ministries and we can also initiate and lead when appropriate. The role of Campus Mission Canada is to catalyze people and resources in order to bring about the right result. This modus operandi carries over into our approach to reaching the campuses. We work to catalyze the existing ministries and their leaders in order to share resources, and ensure that we are able to give cohesion and focus to our efforts across the country.

Campus Mission Canada (CMC) is an umbrella network. We are an affiliation. We are a network of the willing: connected through relationship and shared experience and values. We can deploy workers; missionaries who will go to contexts deemed suitable. We place chaplains where needed. We begin clubs, or do whatever may be necessary based on the location. Why? Because we must reach post-secondary students all across Canada and see students discipled into strong and stable followers of Christ.

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