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A C5 Approach to Campus Ministry with Campus Mission Canada

Over the past number of years, various PAOC ministries to universities and colleges have arisen across Canada. As they began to come together to share their vision and expertise, a larger vision for the campuses of our nation began to come into focus. Campus Mission Canada emerged in order to give support and direction to this dynamic new movement. As a diverse network, we share a common commitment to reaching our campuses with biblical and intellectual integrity combined with a deep dependency upon the Holy Spirit.

We found that we have outstanding examples of various modes of campus ministry. As a result, we are able to be flexible and creative in our approach to each individual university or college using what we call a “C5 Approach to Campus Ministry”. Briefly, this includes:

  • Chaplaincy
  • Club
  • Campus Church
  • Church-based
  • Commercial

We do not need to be limited to any one ministry model. On many of our campuses, we employ more than one of these modes. While most of our campus ministries would not necessarily see themselves as being particularly “denominational”, we are able to leverage our strength as a large, national “missional family rooted in relationship” to provide dimensions of ministry that may prove difficult for other organizations. As we celebrate the work God is doing in and through other campus groups, we are aware that it is important for us to learn and play our part. The task of reaching and impacting the campuses of our nation is far greater than all of us put together could hope to accomplish.

Get to know us and see the breadth of our vision.