Payroll Service

PAOC Payroll Service

We can process your payroll at a lower cost than other options and we will do it right and on time … every time!
Why choose PAOC? We currently process more than $1 million in gross pay every month for 1000 employees and pensioners in Canada and around the world.
We have Canadian Payroll Association-certified staff, direct pay deposits, and online access to paystubs. We’ll provide month-end reports for paying Canada Revenue Agency and updating your accounting system. After year-end we’ll also provide draft T4s for each employee for filing with Canada Revenue Agency.

There are no set-up fees and the processing cost is only $7.50 per employer per pay period: this includes all employees, direct deposits, on-line paystubs and month-end reports. T4s will cost $5 per employee. We process pays for salaried employees whether they are full-time or part-time on these schedules:

  • Bi-weekly (pay deposit every other Thursday)
  • Semi-monthly (pay deposit on the 15th and 30th)
  • Monthly (pay deposit on the 15th or 30th)

Please note we cannot process pay for employees where their hours and rate of pay fluctuate each pay period.


Call Calvin Howson at 905-542-7400 ext. 3234, or email for the details.

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