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Six Degrees Of Separation From Chris Chase

In this two part series, we have a conversation with Chris Chase.
Part one discusses his early years as a kid in Montreal and his journey to adulthood. We joked about how there are six degrees of separation from David Wells, the General Superintendent of the Pentecostal Assemblies Of Canada; but, it’s just as likely that there are six degree of separation from Chris Chase.

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Created by Sidewalk Skyline Podcast. Nov 2020.

Race Talk Windsor-Detroit (Part 2)

(This is part two of that conversation with Chris Cobbler, Nelly Latchman, Kellen Brooks, Josh Bowers and myself).
There is a revolution going on. Down the streets and sidewalks of many cities people have been marching with a cry for justice, freedom and the overthrow of oppressors.

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Created by the Sidewalk Skyline Podcast. Feb 2021.