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Spring 2021 testimony/Enrich

t&e-Spring2021_coverSPRING 2021 STORIES

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FROM THE EDITOR: INJUSTICE AND THE CHANGING BODY OF CHRISTA look back at 2020 & Pentecostal Foundations
by Stacey McKenzie

“There are many characteristics that define the 21st century as different from any that came before it. Three important ones that come to mind for me are the commonness of cross-continental immigration within extended families, the prevalence and accessibility of technology in our daily lives which allow for minute-by-minute scrutiny of events anywhere in the world, and the disruption of homogeneity in many Western church congregations.” Read more.


REMEMBERING JADE KENYAMANYARATributes to a beloved wife, mom and missionary

Many hearts in Tanzania, Canada, and around the world were broken when our PAOC global worker, Jade Kenyamanyara, passed away unexpectedly last November. A collection of tributes were gathered by International Missions to honour her memory. Read more.


SEVEN PRECIOUS THINGS—Supernatural tools for living extraordinary lives
by Rose McCormick Brandon

“When Jesus left earth, He didn’t leave an inheritance of land and money for His followers. He bequeathed to us precious things that enable us to live holy lives in a corrupt world.” [Full content available to subscribers.]


LIFE ON PAUSETrusting God through chronic illness
by Tanya Rust

Most of us understand the meaning behind the words "life on pause." But Tanya Rust learned it in 2017 in the harshest of ways—and came out on the other side living life to the fullest again. Read more.


by Caleb Bloch

Imagine starting a new job as a youth pastor and then having a pandemic cut off your tried-and-true strategies for outreach. Caleb shares how he has kept hopeful and focused in an upside-down time. Read more.


LORD, TEACH USLearning new lessons when times get tough
by Stewart Hunter

Stewart recognized early on that we’re in a new day for ministry with the onset of a devastating global pandemic. He ponders what it would mean to take on a posture of listening and learning. [Full content available to subscribers.]


A THEOLOGY OF MULTI-ETHNIC CHURCH AND WORSHIPFrom global church to local church
by Chris Padiath

When working toward cultural diversity in our faith communities, we’re often inspired primarily by Revelation 5:9 and Revelation 7:9. Chris shares what it means to embrace a full biblical road map toward multi-ethnic congregational integration and worship. [Full content available to subscribers.]


by Bob Jones

A lifetime of following God’s leading has taken Ken through challenging times in life and ministry as a pioneer church planter, volunteer firefighter, deputy mayor, and more. At 93, he has some solid advice on perseverance. Read more.


DOES EVERY CHURCH HAVE A SHELF LIFE?A blueprint for longevity
by Peter Cusick and Nancy Kingdon

If you were to ask pastors what dilemmas they face, probably one of the following three issues would emerge: leadership burnout, inadequate finances, and immature faith. The Blueprint: Finding Your Spiritual Purpose and Identity, co-authored by Peter W. Cusick and Nancy (Warwick) Kingdon, is an exciting journey into a new way of doing church. [Full content available to subscribers.]


REDEFINING EVANGELISM IN CANADAEmbracing the call to an invitational lifestyle
by Shaila Visser

“An empowered lay person, fuelled by the Holy Spirit, can participate in changing the radical trajectory of someone's life. At the age of 22, in my last year of university, I met a young woman on my campus who took time to love me, meet with me, and lead me to the Lord. From the moment I became a Christian, I have wanted the whole world to know Him. From my first encounter of being evangelized, I’ve been convinced that telling others about Jesus can be the joy of every believer.” [Full content available to subscribers.]

Our Stories

INTERNATIONAL MISSIONS: RACE, POWER AND VOICE—Reflecting on developments in the black community
by Peter Dove

“The year 2020 brought new vocabulary to our lexicon that we never imagined necessary. Adding to the COVID-19 pandemic, the name George Floyd became symbolic of many things, but primarily of race, power and voice. Tucked away in Asia when the protests were most intense, I was tempted to disengage, treating the crisis as an intractable North American problem. Thoughtful global worker feedback made that impossible to do. The summer is long past, but the issues haven’t changed.” Read more.


ERDO: SUPPORTING OUR GLOBAL FAMILY—How child sponsorship expands our world
by Sabrina Shaheen

“The first time I encountered poverty, it was not a special day. I didn’t smell, taste, see, touch or hear anything out of the ordinary. Yet, for the first time, I realized how small my view of the world was.” Read more.


by Brian Egert

“In a recent pandemic lament, a pastor shared his dismay and distress concerning those he was entrusted to lead. ‘I am flying blind,’ he said. ‘About a third of our congregation are engaging online, following on social media, connecting with neighbours, participating in an online small group, and investing financially. A second group have less engagement, give sporadically, and are watching online at their convenience. But I am deeply troubled by those with no engagement (that we know of) who have basically disappeared. They have formed new spiritual habits void of gathering and may never come back.’” Read more.


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