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Testimony Magazine: March/April 2014


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AN UNLIKELY HERO—A boy, a father and the power of hope

When Doug Phaneuf thinks of heroes, he thinks close to home. The story of his six-year-old son may be a tale of an unlikely hero, but for those who knew him, Jayden embodied the definition of the word. [Full content available to subscribers]

GETTING IN THE HABIT—The unforeseen benefits of everyday prayer

A habit, according to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, is “something that a person does often in a regular and repeated way.” Some habits are harmless—like the order in which we get dressed in the morning. Some are harmful—like putting salt on almost everything we eat. But there are habits that can greatly benefit our lives. Bob Jones thinks prayer is a daily habit that falls into the beneficial category. [Full content available to subscribers]

WHAT IS A SENIOR?—The urgent need for intergenerational ministry

As a pastor to seniors at Church on the Queensway, Ed Clements gets to hang out with some pretty amazing people. He has come to believe that the contribution seniors can make to the life of a church community is vitally important. And he believes that one of the most effective ways to make that contribution is through intergenerational ministry. [Full content available to subscribers]

A STRANGE PATH TO GLORY—The way of Christ in a culture of celebrity

For someone who came to save the world, His arrival, His way of life, and the manner in which He died all flew in the face of conventional wisdom—both of His day and ours. Jesus shunned the generally accepted belief on how to achieve His goal. He chose what some might call a strange path to glory. Read more.

LOSING FAITH?—Preparing Christian youth for the challenges of public university

What kinds of challenges do Christian students face at public universities in Canada? Why are many young adults walking away from their faith in these formative years? Three university professors who are Christian offer some insights. Read more.

Departmental Stories

ERDO: FOOD FOR THOUGHT—Reflections on the complexities of subsistence farming

As Carol Froom, Director of Resource Development for ERDO, sets out to tend to her garden this spring, she reflects on the importance of global food programs and the food growers involved with them. Read more.

INTERNATIONAL MISSIONS: WOULDN'T IT BE GREAT IF ... ?—Reflections on Thailand and France

Patricia DeWit, and her husband, Peter, global workers with The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, are preparing to head to France to begin another journey in their life of ministry. Be inspired as she compares the similarities on how their initial journey to Thailand began, where they have been ministering for the past 23 years.Read more.

MISSION CANADA: POLICE CHAPLAINCY—Ministry to our nation's unsung heroes

Police officers constantly encounter the unexpected, and the various stresses they face often take their toll as the years progress. Leslie Schrader, president of the Canadian Police Chaplain Association, recently offered some insight into officers’ needs and how God uses His people to minister to them and to those with whom they work or live. Read more.

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