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PAOC Book Release: A Place at My Table

Book cover of A Place at My Table.

PAOC Book Release - A Place at My Table: Creating Space to Belong

The leadership of the PAOC has determined that a priority on which we must maintain our focus is to reach, disciple, and develop the leadership of children, youth, and young adults. With that in mind, we are pleased to present our credential holders with the Christmas gift book entitled A Place at My Table: Creating Space to Belong. In A Place at My Table, Susan Wells describes the relational journey that took her from not knowing Jesus as a child to a life of loving service for Him. I know her story well! I believe it will bring inspiration and insight as we seek to fulfil the shared vision our Lord has given us.

If you wish to order additional copies for your ministry leaders or congregational members in the coming days, contact our order desk at 905-542-7400 or by email at The cost is $8 a copy for up to 24 copies, and $7 per copy for orders of 25 or more.

Podcast: Kevin Rogers, Mission Canada worker and host of the Sidewalk Skyline Podcast, interviewed Susan for more on her story. You can listen to the podcast here:

Together, let’s continue to create “space to belong” in our lives and ministries for neighbours, both young and older.

In His Service,
David Wells, General Superintendent


“This book encapsulates what we believe about salt and light. A must read for our present times.”—Owen Black

“Read it! It was a great read, very inspiring, thank you!”—Robin Mcrobbie

“Excellent book. Loved every single word! I was wishing the book wouldn’t end … I loved it so much!” –Wendy Payne

A Place at My Table was a great book for me at this time. I could hardly put it down. I have many family members not serving the Lord, although they were brought up in church. Sometimes I neglect to pray for them as I see no improvement in their lives. But this tiny book has spurred me on to continue to intercede for them.” – Name withheld

“Susan does a masterful job of relating life stories with the call to discipleship and action … I really appreciate her writing. What's really interesting (and not coincidental at all), is that I didn't know this book was even on the way and it happened to arrive the same day as our new kitchen table! This table expands to 12 people and was purchased with the expressed purpose of inviting people to the table to share meals and lives with … We are taking the opportunity to make our everyday lives minister to people like never before through hospitality and time together. It just really made me smile knowing that God loves to confirm you're on the right track with these little ‘coincidences.’” –Name withheld


A Place at My Table: Visit the Blog by Susan Wells

A Place at My Table: Creating Space to Belong, written by Susan Wells, was recently released, and the blog is now active! Visit or click here to read more about Susan.