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Every Day Faith – Praying for Families in June 2016


This month our Every Day Faith focus is on the urgent need for God's protection and help for our families. Visit to keep abreast of each month's prayer points and related Scriptures you can incorporate into your prayer time. Be encouraged that God hears the prayers of those who depend on Him.

For God’s protection and help for our families

  • That God will help families to strengthen their marriages and family relationships, and to rebuild connections that have been broken.
  • That God’s Word will be the most important reference point for wisdom and direction as opportunities and challenges arise.
  • That parents and guardians will have godly wisdom in taking care of their responsibilities and making decisions.
  • That children will grow in discernment and in their desire to please God and be a blessing in their families.
  • That God will deliver and protect our families from harmful spiritual influences.

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