From the very beginning, a deep-seated missionary impulse from the Holy Spirit has marked The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC). Pentecostalism and mission belong together, and the history of the PAOC cannot be understood without first perceiving its missionary vision and work.


As a Fellowship that began in 1919, we can look back on the last 100 years and recall the countless stories of how we have been on a mission across our nation and around the globe in places where the gospel message needed to be heard and embraced.


The mission of God has always been our central focus and priority, shaping the agenda of PAOC’s international engagement. Our Fellowship currently sends and supports almost 350 global workers living in 60 countries and serving in 75.

The mission of the PAOC is to make disciples

The mission of the PAOC is to make disciples; to see men, women and children delivered from the bondage of personal sin and worldviews infected by corporate sin, and then guided into a life-giving relationship with the Father through the powerful redemptive work of Jesus Christ. As we head towards 2020, we have set a goal of having 415 global workers deployed and being on mission in various parts of our world. Is this possible? With the prayerful support and financial backing of our PAOC family, we feel this is both attainable and necessary. We continue to consistently onboard new workers. You may recognize some of them as we share names and faces with you. They are our family, and they are responding to God’s call to go to distinct parts of our globe—places that are very dry and spiritually void of the knowledge that there is a loving God who desires to have an intimate relationship with them. With our growing global team, we reach, care, equip and plant so that God’s kingdom may be expanded.


It was just over a decade ago that, as a Fellowship, we developed Mission Canada, our national mission agency that would help us expand and extend our reach into what we call “the gaps” where the gospel needs to be taken in unique ways and to identify people groups that were a priority to reach and disciple. Those priorities include our campuses, youth and children, our Indigenous Peoples of Canada, those living in Quebec, Francophone Canada and in our urban centres, as well as those of various cultural language groups and those considered to be newcomers to Canada. It is the same gospel message we have proclaimed over this past century of God’s power to save, but it is being shared in ways and means that are unique to the culture and context in which it is being shared. We are positioning Mission Canada workers in unique gap areas to be salt and light as they reach those they engage with every day—many of whom have never entered a church. As you visit our website you will see faces and names of PAOC family members, along with stories of where God has called them to in our vast Canadian landscape. Why? Because we must. We must respond to the Spirit’s prompting to go and make disciples, wherever He calls and however it may look. It does look different than it did decades ago, and it needs to if we are to expand our missional reach in our nation. Our goal by 2020 is 40 national workers. We believe that with God’s help and the support of our PAOC family that this is realistic, and that we will see tremendous fruit as we extend our reach through Mission Canada.


Because of the strength of our local PAOC churches and ministries, district leadership teams and our national teams focused on international and national missions, we can unite in purpose and in prayer to see Christ’s kingdom increase and His work go forward with great effectiveness. Our past has laid for us a solid and healthy platform on which to move forward. Our missions history is rich. We have been intentional in sending workers to places where we determined the need was great. Over the years, we have sent our best, trained up local leaders, released others to carry on God’s work and repositioned our efforts. We have always moved forward with great intentionality, listening and responding to God’s leading. But our world has changed. We are seeing rapid increases on many fronts, including how we use technology and share the gospel message. Our ability to travel and relocate is of greater ease than ever before. Mission must look different in certain parts of the world. But, what remains constant is our PAOC priority to take the gospel to countless individuals who have not yet discovered or opened their hearts to the unconditional love of Jesus.


Thank you for being part of our PAOC family who values reaching those without Christ; a family who steps up to provide the prayer backing and resources needed to carry out ministry in new places and ways, as we follow Christ’s call to go to hard, dry and barren lands. Only Heaven will speak to the impact that is being made around the globe as a result of our combined efforts. In advance, we thank you for partnering as a Fellowship to pray for and lean in with financial support for the workers we are introducing to you in this new season. They are us, and they are responding to God’s call to go. We go with them.


Combined MC IM


International Missions:

As PAOC International Missions enters our 100th year of officially sending Canadians around the world, there is much for which we are thankful. Over 3,000 Canadians have left their families and homes to help people in many nations come to know the hope that is found in Jesus. Generations of Christians have been called by God … to go. Our mission is to glorify God by making disciples across cultural boundaries by proclaiming and practising the gospel of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. We seek to do this through four main methods of:

Reaching people, wherever they are - proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ through every available means

Planting communities of authentic followers of Jesus - partnering with local believers to establish churches in more than 70 nations

Equipping and mentoring servant leaders—training them to proclaim the gospel of Christ to their own people and other nations.

Caring for people—coming alongside the poor and vulnerable and introducing them to the life-changing power of Jesus Christ


Mission Canada:

Mission Canada, the national mission agency of the PAOC, has now been in existence for over ten years. We encourage you to visit to see the growing team of Mission Canada workers. Each one of these individuals has responded to God’s call to go to places we call “the gaps” in our nation—geographical locations where the good news of Jesus needs to be taken, and people groups who need to hear the gospel message, many still for the very first time. For some, it is hearing it at the “right” time; the time in their life where they are in great need, and maybe destitute, distraught or distracted by the cares and pleasures of this world and have not yet realized their need for a Saviour.