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A banner for the 2022 Mission Global equipping campaign. Left photo is of two students smiling at a camera while holding a notebook. Right photo is of a professor at the school looking at the camera with a smile and her arms crossed professionally.


Your gift will give 150 scholarships and support programs that will train leaders to disciple the next generation of youth.

Only 5% of church leaders in the majority world have received any formal training. This gap gets even larger when we look at specialized skills like youth ministry, which are essential to reach young people in contexts like sub-Saharan Africa.

Simply, if you want to make disciples and transform communities, we need to focus on investing in the next generation of leaders. 

The global church is young and vibrant- right now, in sub-Saharan Africa, 70% of the population is under 30 years old (in Canada, it’s about 34%). This means that there are congregations around the world bursting at the seams with young men and women, brimming with potential and called by God to serve!

Can you imagine the impact that these young people can have if they are empowered and equipped to serve the most vulnerable and least reached in their communities and beyond?

An infographic highlighting the impact your partnership can have when you participate in providing a scholarship to a student.

Through Timothy Fund scholarships, you can partner directly with young leaders as they follow God’s call to serve. You are also aiding new and innovative training programs beyond the college setting that typically struggle for support, especially in restricted contexts.

You can invest in a new leader today! When you give, you empower the next generation to bring the gospel to the least reached and most vulnerable. You also enable the young people of the church to reach the youth of their countries.

Will you be a part of our goal to equip the global church for ministry? Each scholarship costs $600 per year and covers tuition of one student. Will you help reach the goal of equipping 150 leaders studying at 28 institutions in 22 countries?