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Mission Canada Urgent Call: Returning Students This Fall

A Message From Dr.Robb Powell, Campus Mission Canada Coordinator, To All PAOC Credential Holders And PAOC Churches

This fall, some of your young people may be among the upwards of one and a half million young adults enrolled in a Canadian college or university. As you know, this is a crucial time of transition where they will either deepen or wander away from the foundation of faith in their lives. As both a campus ministry worker and as a father of young adults, it keeps me awake at night.

Can we work together?

For the past several years I have coordinated campus ministry nationally for the PAOC. If you know of young people who will be going to university this fall, I am asking you to let us know. I know that for my own son, it was invaluable to be able to connect him with The Embassy, one of our own student churches at the University of Waterloo. It made such a difference in Dave’s spiritual life. The same is true for his siblings. And we have been able to connect numerous other students with ministries that have enabled them to thrive during their time on campus.

You may not be aware of it, but as a Fellowship we are on well over 40 campuses across the country, while impacting even more of them and reaching new campuses every year. We have incredible people with an incredible vision. We work strategically with other ministries as well. As a result, we have had success in connecting students with churches and ministries that will foster their spiritual growth. It has been incredibly gratifying to connect nearly every student with a ministry and a church. The resulting stories have been inspiring! You can find out more on our website.

The first few weeks of the fall are critical for connecting young people with communities of faith. Statistics show that this connection is crucial for ensuring that they are able to not only survive in the university context but toMC_campus-logo1 grow and deepen in their faith. To ensure that no one falls through the cracks Campus Mission Canada wants to partner with you this fall. Can you pass along to your students and their families this information and have them connect with Campus Mission Canada so we can connect them to a PAOC campus worker and ministry please?


At Campus Mission Canada, we are excited about the opportunity and challenge of reaching and discipling the next generation of our nation’s leaders. Thanks for helping us make the connections between campus worker and students across our nation.

In Christ,

Dr. Robb Powell
Campus Mission Canada Coordinator
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