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Administrative Assistant

Parksville British Columbia, Canada

Jan 3, 2023    Permanent


Job Description

Please see the attached document. For full job description, please contact.

Required Skills

Position Requirements/Qualifications • First and foremost, a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ and a deep love for His people, His church, and His world. • An understanding of the important role and connection between “behind the scenes” administrative work and kingdom advancement. • Highly organized, significant communication skills (written and verbal), proficiency in computers and software programs, and ability to start and finish projects independently. • Significant people and organizational skills in order to facilitate administrative oversight of multiple teams, ministries, and programs. • Ability to create a warm and hospitable environment as the “first impressions” of the church.

Education Required

An undergraduate degree or similar training or certification relevant to the position.

Attached Documents



Joseph Dutko
Oceanside Community Church

Parksville British Columbia
V9P 2C9

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