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2018 Campaigns

Reaching - 3.1 Billion

Reaching the 3.1 Billion

Reaching - 3.1 Billion

Today, 3.1 billion people have little or no access to the good news of Jesus. The immensity of this numver is so daunting it can become impersonal - in the same way that a snowflake, a unique and intricate work of art, becomes lost in a blizzard. The complex crystals disappear into the swirling storm.

For God, 3.1 billion remains a deeply personal number. It represents people He desperately loves. He knows the intricate story of each life and the beauty and potential of each of their days. In every person, He sees a unique expression of His image. The Father cares for them, just as He cares for you.

Maybe it's not a call to go, but you sense an urgency to give.  Together, with churches and individuals across Canada, we are raising a sending fund to assist new global workers with the one-time costs they incur when they first deploy. These costs are a real barrier, but with your help, they can overcome it.

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2017 Campaigns

Equipping: in China

Equipping in China


In 1947, two Canadian ladies left mainland China and settled in Hong Kong. At that time, Hong Kong was a centre for many people fleeing the revolution in China. Already a bustling economic hub, it became home to many poor and marginalized families. Sadie and Blanch responded to their needs and established the famous “rooftop” schools. They ensured that the children of these impoverished families not only received an education but heard the good news about Jesus. Entire families were influenced and transformed by the gospel. This spiritual and educational legacy remains alive today in two significant ministries, both named Ka Chi. 


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Planting in India

Planting in India


Christo and Sarah Emmanuel began a church in their home in Chennai, India, 10 years ago. Small at first, this church plant grew into something beyond expectation and now reaches thousands of people—children, youth and adults—through its outreach and their presence in the community. Living God Church has seen families and communities positively changed by the power of the gospel. A large percentage of the church growth can be attributed to Life Group evangelism and discipleship. This amazing growth also poses some challenges. Living God Church is stepping out in faith to purchase an additional church building and redevelop their current facility. Will you partner with us during this season of expectancy to see what the Lord of the Harvest will do? Our goal is to raise a down payment of at least $75,000 for this new building. 


Reaching in Africa

Reaching: Bridging China and Africa


Our goal is to raise $35,000. These funds will provide a 16-passenger vehicle, significantly increasing the outreach capacity of the Bridging China and Africa, cultural centre. It will also enable us to complete renovations and further develop the training centre.