PAOC Mission Reference

Cross-cultural ministry and incarnate living can be challenging and detrimental to the emotional, spiritual and physical health of an individual. It is our desire to commit to a process, a journey with the applicant, therefore please be aware that your comments will provide understanding of the areas of training and growth required prior to as well as during the applicant's cross-cultural experience. We would like to thank you for your time. We highly value your observations and will give serious consideration to your comments. This form is for office usage only and will not be available for the applicant's perusal, therefore we would ask that you provide a candid evaluation of the applicant. Please provide the first reaction/description that comes to mind when you think about the applicant in the following areas of character and skill.

*Please note: the questions with an asterisk are REQUIRED questions. This digital form will not submit to us unless all required questions are answered.*