Global Worker Spotlight: David & Julie Wood

Global Worker Spotlight: David & Julie Wood

Celebrate Your Culture Sunday

International Christian Church is a unique congregation that comes from many nations around the world.  We wanted to give an opportunity for everyone to have a little taste of the vast range of cultures that come together every week to worship Jesus, so we hosted a large event to celebrate our unity in diversity. It was a huge success!  We estimate that there were between 250 - 300 people in attendance, and there were more than 25 different nations represented by at least one person!  There were plenty of visitors present, and we have heard that many will be coming back to see what church is all about.  Praise the Lord!

We had tables set up around the exterior of the tent filled with food from more than 20 different countries:  An amazing feast!

Our program consisted of blessings, songs, dances, poems, and musical instruments that highlighted so many different cultures and languages.

It was truly an experience like I imagine the early church to be: greetings, introductions, meaningful conversations, sharing a meal, singing, prayer, and a devotional.  What joy and unity in the church!  Differences were celebrated, and the important things of a unified love of Jesus were emphasized.  It was glorious, and I loved every minute.
We have been asked to make this a yearly event, and we are happy to comply.
Here are some pictures to give you a wee bit of a glimpse into the event. 

Special thanks and credit to one of our congregation, photographer Patrick Johnny, Village Photography, for some of these great pictures, as well as those pics that I downloaded from Facebook from various other friends from ICC.

(I am truly sorry for those of you who are not yet able to gather for church due to the Covid-19 restrictions; we are immensely grateful for the Lord's continued protection from disease in our tiny nation so that we can fellowship together.  It is a blessing that we do not take for granted, and we pray for the restoration of the church as a corporate body to worship around the world.)


Team Canada was small, but mighty; just Dave, Chelsea and I!  We represented our nation and our Lord well, and are filled with joy and wonder at the amazing place that we are called to minister in. We would not be able to be here, and to continue the work without all of the support that we get from you, our friends and family.  We love and appreciate you, and think of you often

Please continue to pray for:

  • Continued health and safety
  • Provision 
  • Stability in our nation as Covid-19 has put extreme economic pressure here.  Many companies have closed down completely, and the unemployment rate has gone up drastically.  Poverty is a sad reality most of the time anyway, and the effects of the lack of international travel and shipping is becoming more and more evident.
  • Praise for continued protection from the Virus, and prayers that it will not enter the country as more and more people are repatriated.