My Passion For Europe

My Passion For Europe


Global Worker Spotlight: KIRSTEN ARDING in the UK

This week marks 4 months of being in Doncaster. And what an exciting time it has been. I've moved into a new house, got a Romanian house mate, had a couple of Canadian visitors, unofficially adopted a stray cat and her kittens, been in a wedding party, officially launched the Academy, joined the worship team at church (which is done with incredible excellence. The musicianship is so good), just to name a few things I've been up to.


I feel like I've settled quite well into my new life in Doncaster. Part of me can't believe I get to be a part of Legacy Church. Everything is done with excellence. The leadership and staff are absolutely phenomenal! It's like I get to live out all the leadership books I've read. I feel like I'm part of the team and even in these few short month, they feel like family. I feel like my time is valued and protected. They haven't thrown me into every possible ministry and have given me time to process and adjust to grasp the culture and DNA of Legacy. 

aboutI've been praying for years to have an older female mentor and God has gone above and beyond by providing me with several solid, godly women who have taken me under their wings.

Not only do I feel like I get to pour out and impact this church and community, but I also get to be invested back into. It is so good to have health and stability back in my life and doing what God has called me to do at my full capacity.

Over the last few years, my job description has constantly changed. The one thing that hasn't is my heart and passion to see Europe changed and bring the light of Christ to this dark continent. Even though I may not be travelling out to different parts of Europe as much, it has not left me. What has grown is my love my the U.K. Some people may think it odd to be a missionary to the U.K. but, as the recent terrorist attacks across this country have shown, this country needs Jesus and strong Christian leaders more than ever. My heart is train and raise up a generation of leaders from across Europe by bringing them together through the Academy and sending them back to their own context to make a world changing impact wherever they may find themselves.

The house shopping continues. I have found a temporary house to live in in a little village in the suburbs of Doncaster. I say temporary because it belongs to couple in the church and they are selling it. They give me a good deal and the house is not left empty. It is perfect for what I need at the moment as a place to rest my head. And I've been able to make some good connections with a few girls in the church who all want to move in together. 

legacy-academyfbeb576cb2cf645badfcff00009d593aLegacy Academy

We've officially launched our website and have begun the recruiting process for students for this next year. Come check it out: We also have a Facebook page so head on over there and give us a like.

We are starting this Fall at the end of September. We're still taking applications for new students so if you're interested in dedicating one year of your life to God or know of anyone who wants to, apply here

Prayer Requests:

  • I am on the hunt for a new house. I'm hoping to find something by the end of October that will be a great fit for me and all my soon to be house mates
  • Preparation for the launch of the The Academy in September
  • For the right people to join the Academy