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  • A Month of Miracles in Sri Lanka Friday, July 31, 2015

     This report comes from PAOC Global Workers in Sri Lanka. For security reasons we cannot disclose their names but wanted to share with you how God is moving in their ministry. Here’s a portion of their latest newsletter.July has been another month of miracles!Can you believe that the Lord has opened up an opportunity for us to minister to our next-door neighbours? YES!!! Kamal and Shamalla, along with their 22-year-old son, moved into the house next door last December. Kamal was a staunch Buddhist and his wife a Catholic, up until recently! Since they moved in we started developing a relationship with them, especially since we share a fence and we both have dogs!A few months ago they really started opening up to us. Kamal cannot walk without help as 3 years ago he had a stroke at only 48 years of age. The doctor told him that he’d never be able to work again and that he’ll always need assistance in walking. In tears, they’ve told us how lonely they are now as they use to host many social events. To make matters worse, many of their friends have stopped visiting them since this happened. *X (name withheld for security reasons) immediately started sharing about Jesus with Shamalla “over the fence”. Being a Catholic, she listened and started opening up even more! This caused us to start praying much for them and would you believe that they started attending a Wednesday night healing serving in the city?  Not only that but the pastor prophesied over Kamal, saying that in a few months he’ll be walking and back to work. Not even a week after that service, Kamal started walking around on his own! He’s even allowed us to pray with him, believing that he’ll be back to work soon. From his own mouth, he’s s...

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