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  • “Ça envoie du pâté!” i.e. God's awesome in Paris! Tuesday, June 30, 2015

    When living in a place where the language is not your mother tongue, you learn to nod and smile. Her: “Ça envoie du pâté!” (Literally translated: ‘That flings pâté’ – how DO you translate pâté into English anyway?) Me, quietly, to Peter: “Did you get that?” Peter to Me: “She wants to know if we sent her some pâté?” Nod. And. Smile. Envoyer du pâté is a colloquialism for “That’s awesome” or “that kicks butt!” Okay, so let’s explain this for you. It all started under the sunny skies of June 21st. It was Father’s Day and Summer Solstice and Paris Music Festival. Now, in case you missed the update, we have been having a few challenges at our church- nothing too big, just having to find a new location- something about a landlord not wanting to rent his space to a religious group anymore. Music Festival in Paris is a time where the churches like to set up a stage on the street and have a public worship service. I know this sounds cool… but we had another idea. Instead of using the Paris Music Festival to publicise our church, we thought it would be a great idea to not make it about ‘us’ but to serve by joining one of our local friends, just around the corner from the church, to publicise their bistro and bless them. So we gathered at our usual church space an hour early to pray. Our pastor is always encouraging us to hear between the lines, to discern the heart’s cry among the regular conversations with those who are not yet living in response to God’s love. Then we headed out to a local Bistro where we know the owner. Our friend, Scott, played some very cool jazz, sang a littl...

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