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Pentecost Sunday - A Unified Call to Prayer - Mark Your Calendars

Pentecost Sunday - A Unified Call to Prayer - Mark Your Calendars

Dear pastors and church leaders,

It is with prayerful anticipation that we look forward to all that will take place in our Fellowship over the next six weeks.

First, Good Friday and Easter are quickly approaching. We are praying that the message of the cross and our risen Lord will be proclaimed in our churches and communities so that many will come to faith in Christ.

Second, our PAOC Cross-Canada Missional Vitality tour takes us to Saskatchewan District on March 16, then to the Maritimes on April 5. Be praying with us for these key days where as pastors and leaders we consider our next steps forward in church revitalization and multiplication, as part of our Fellowship’s 2020 Initiative (

Third, preparations are being wrapped up for our General Conference 2016, themed “Vitality,” coming May 2 to 5 in Montreal. Have you made plans to be part of this significant gathering? Visit to learn more. Our time together will include challenges by our plenary speakers and other leaders, as well as our Vitality Conversation break-out teams on strengthening our spiritual, theological and missional vitality.

As we are in prayer for these key times on our church and Christian calendar, I encourage you to plan now to make Pentecost Sunday on May 15 a prominent day in the life of your church. My desire is that we would lead churches where life in the Spirit and the work of the Spirit is evident, alive and well.


In the next few weeks, you will be receiving an email that will include:

  1. A personalized video message for you, urging us as a Fellowship to respond positively to a unified Call to Prayer on May 1, May 8 and Pentecost Sunday on May 15.
  2. Links and recommendations to resources available through Wordcom Christian Resources and elsewhere for study, preaching and teaching on the work of the Holy Spirit.
  3. A video message designed for you to share with your local church congregation for a national prayer moment on May 1. If it is not possible to show this message on May 1, please consider showing it on May 8 or May 15, Pentecost Sunday.

Will you and your church congregation commit to being part of this unified Call to Prayer as we ready our hearts and lives leading up to Pentecost Sunday? The video you will be receiving will explain further the reasons why we feel this call to prayer is so important and necessary at this time. Let’s pray together! Our Fellowship is built on a strong desire to be people of the Spirit … listening intently for His voice, walking obediently as He instructs, and waiting on what the Spirit will do as He visits us and imparts His power. He is what we need. He is all we need.

David Wells

General Superintendent

The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada