Sheldon Penner


Ministry Location:  Canada-wide  

Ministry Focus:  Reaching Canadians with Disabilities  

Sheldon Penner is a Mission Canada worker with a powerful message that must be shared in all kinds of settings across our nation, and with all kind of people.

Sheldon experienced a healthy birth, but after just a few days, he stopped breathing for reasons unknown. Those unexpected moments caused brain damage that left him with cerebral palsy, which limits his speech.  Yet, as you will experience when you see Sheldon communicate, this does not limit him. It, in fact, excites him to be able to share a message of hope for living that burns within his heart.  With the use of technology such as laptops, an iPad, a smart phone and projection programs, Sheldon communicates and shares a message of hope in an honest and real way.  He is able to connect through his genuine interest and love for people, helping many realize they can overcome the struggles they face in life, whatever they may be.  Sheldon has a great sense of humour.  He will have you both laughing and crying.  His biggest hope is that his life can be used to inspire others who live with disabilities to live their life without being held back. 

Sheldon is an inspirational speaker, based in Calgary, AB, and will travel from coast to coast sharing his message of hope. Born in Vernon, BC, Sheldon grew up in Saskatoon then moved to Caronport where he attended high school in the 80’s and early 90’s. Sheldon continued his education at Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, TX where he received a diploma in Biblical studies and then went onto Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie, TX (2004) to obtain a B. Sc.

Sheldon is a lifelong cerebral palsy survivor, and although he has lost his ability to speak, he doesn’t let his disability keep him down or stop him from communicating. His mission is to:

• Go into churches, youth groups or high schools all across Canada, sharing his story of grace and hope with a humorous, open and honest approach

• Give people a good understanding of disabilities and show them practical steps on how to handle the world of disabilities that are all around them.

• Show people how they, too, can overcome the hurts and struggles in life that they may face.

To connect with Sheldon, or to book him to share his “Journey of Hope” story, email him. You will be challenged, blessed and deeply moved.