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Mission Canada Urban Missions Report - Downtown Toronto

Prayer Praise Report

This is a late night edition of Ejay Tupe's urban missions report. And I felt like sharing this with you because it just happened now. I’ve been working with one of my youth that I’ve known for a long time, and they’re going through some pretty crazy eye problems. Reality is once you’ve reached a certain age there are no services for you. Basically welfare has said that we will pay for new glasses for you, but you need to get an eye doctor to give you a new prescription. Problem is I’ve looked around and spent the last couple weeks and there’s no place that will let her get a free eye appointment. And so, I’ve kind of been hitting a wall in a hard place and I just met with someone now who was just picking up their bike. And I know he's a doctor and he is also Christian. And I told him about this need and asked him, hey do you know someone that’s cheap, that we can go to, and then you know, I’ll just figure it out. I praise God that he felt in his heart to just say “Hey You know what, I’ll just do it, its ok. For service for God, for service for Jesus, I’ll do it.” He even said that “I’m the most expensive eye doctor there.” So I just want to give this as a praise report. It’s amazing how the people of God can rise to the occasion and meet a need. And I’m looking forward – I’m just about to send an email right now to this young person about their eye appointment. So I just wanted to give that update and praise God. You can also view this report online at: