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PAOC 4-14 Focus: Wee College

Wee College is a tried, tested and true discipleship program for young children, designed to develop strong Bible-based believers in those young formational years of a child’s life. Birthed in a PAOC church in Edmonton, Alberta 30 years ago it is still raising up leaders grounded in the truth of God's word.

It consists of three terms: First Year, Second Year and Third Year. The first year class is for children four years of age (starting in the fall of the year they turn four). Second Year is for five year olds and Third Year is for six year olds.

Wee College is a week-day class to be conducted once a week for twenty-one consecutive weeks, with each year beginning in the fall of the year, just like college! Since this is a flexible discipling program, Wee College can be implemented as a weekly program at a time that is conducive to your church schedule, like Sunday mornings or even another morning or evening of the week. Much like any 'college', regular attendance of students and the consistency of weekly leaders is key to the child's learning and the overall success of the program.

As we seek to raise up a generation of Bible based and Spirit-filled believers, we believe that Wee College is a foundational program no church should be without.

History of Wee College: As young adults have colleges to teach and train them in various fields, the originators of this “Wee College” program realized how necessary it was for young children to comprehend the Bible in a manner designed for their level of understanding. Many years ago one of our PAOC churches, Central PentecosWeeLogotal Tabernacle in Edmonton, Alberta, made a decision to start a Bible College for little ones, knowing that children learn and absorb so much in their early and formative years. Because this is a wee college for wee people learning God’s Word, it became officially known as "Wee College". Now, many years later, many of our great leaders and pastors are known to be graduates of this fundamental and foundational program. Wee College is a necessary part of discipling children when they are young… because as the church and as parents we must "raise up a child in the way they should go. . ."


Order Wee Collage materials from Mission Canada’s resource and distribution arm, Wordcom Christian Resources.