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Assistant Pastor of Discipleship

Richmond British Columbia, Canada

Sep 21, 2023    Permanent     PAOC Credentials Required


Job Description

The Assistant Pastor of Discipleship at Richmond Pentecostal Church (RPC) is responsible for fostering a positive working relationship with the ministry team and congregation. This pastoral role involves representing the Lead Pastor to the congregation and community, requiring the ability to manage multiple tasks and wholeheartedly embrace the vision and values of the church. The successful candidate must exhibit grace under pressure, demonstrate strong interpersonal skills, and maintain strict confidentiality when handling sensitive and privileged information.

Required Skills

• Natural giftedness in discipleship ministries, relating to people of all ages and stages. • Ability to teach and convey Scriptural truths for the purpose of discipleship. • Self-motivated leader. • Adequate administrative abilities to manage communications, organization, media, and scheduling for a sizeable church context. Responsibilities: Life Groups and Adult Electives 1. Declare the greatness of God and the way of salvation through Life Groups and adult electives. 2. Work closely with the Lead Pastor to develop a healthy Life Group network for relational connectedness within the church family. 3. Create a Life Group catalogue with clear entry points for newcomers and promote Life Groups through creative and visible efforts. 4. Organize leadership development sessions and serve as a coach to Life Group leaders. 5. Facilitate web communication for Life Group leaders. 6. Recruit and train new Life Group leaders and foster an environment where Life Groups birth new groups. 7. Develop opportunities for Life Groups to engage the surrounding community. 8. Plan, promote, and facilitate three adult electives per year. 9. Leadership of Midweek sessions as assigned by the Lead Pastor Pastoral Care, Discipleship Ministries, and Spiritual Formation 1. Provide an environment for discipleship growth, from Pre-Christ to church board membership eligibility. 2. Create a climate of equipping for both believers and those seeking faith. 3. Offer pastoral care support to the Lead Pastor, visiting hospital patients and shut-ins. 4. Establish and develop a visitation team for meeting the congregation and community’s needs. 5. Provide pastoral counseling to congregants when needed. 6. Support the Lead Pastor in officiating baby dedications, baptisms, weddings, and funerals. 7. Oversee the Senior’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry, and Marriage and Family ministry. 8. Coordinate short-term ministry plans and logistics for short-term mission teams. 9. Handle Connections ministry, follow up with contacts, and encourage engagement in church ministries and activities. Executive 1. Partner with the Lead Pastor in coordinating weekly staff meetings. 2. Serve as the Lead Pastor's designate as requested when the Lead Pastor is away for short periods for ministry, conferences, or vacation. Preaching / Teaching 1. Collaborate with the Lead Pastor in planning teaching series for weekend gatherings. 2. Participate in the preaching/teaching schedule for main weekend gatherings.

Education Required

Bible college or seminary education.

Experience Required

• Ministerial credentials with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (Ordained minister preferred; consideration given to licensed ministers). • Minimum five years of full-time pastoral experience. General Expectations: 1. A personal and growing relationship with God, leading a life that is consistent both in public and private that would reflect a deep devotion to Christ in a manner that is worthy of emulation. 2. Evidence of a vocational calling to ministry consistent with Scriptural mandates for leaders (Ephesians 4). 3. A demonstrable desire to continue to learn and grow. 4. A demonstrable commitment to being mentored and to mentoring others. 5. To be supportive of and loyal to the entire pastoral team and to contribute to the health of the church family. 6. In-person attendance and engaged participation at weekly staff meetings. 7. General pastoral assistance to the Lead Pastor with ministry to the entire church, fulfilling the responsibilities outlined in this vacancy description and additional duties as assigned. 8. The capacity to handle conflict in a biblical and harmonious manner, with the ultimate goal of promoting unity within the sub-congregation and the congregation at large. 9. To maintain regular in-person office hours and communication.


Aaron A.M. Ross
Richmond Pentecostal Church

Richmond British Columbia
V6X 1B1
(604) 278-3191

Ministry Type

Seniors, Teaching, Missions