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Assistant Pastor of Administration

Richmond British Columbia, Canada

Sep 21, 2023    Permanent     PAOC Credentials Required


Job Description

The Assistant Pastor of Administration at Richmond Pentecostal Church (RPC) plays a crucial role in managing the administrative aspects of the church. This position oversees custodial and reception staff, contract renewal, vendor and contractor liaison, new project assistance, and general administration. Additionally, the Assistant Pastor of Administration collaborates with the Lead Pastor in leading weekly staff meetings when requested. The successful candidate will be someone who is gifted in administration and who understands the applicability of their skills and abilities to the life of the local church.

Required Skills

Strong administrative abilities to oversee custodial and reception staff, manage schedules, and handle church administration. 1. Oversee and coordinate custodial and reception staff, managing their schedules in partnership with the Lead Pastor. 2. Manage the administration of the Church, including contract renewal and liaising with vendors and contractors. 3. Bookkeeping and management of church accounts (accounting skills and the ability to work confidently with accounting software a necessary requirement). 4. Assist with new projects, including facilities and building maintenance. 5. Assist with general administration of the church as required.

Education Required

Bible college or seminary education.

Experience Required

Minimum five years of full-time pastoral experience.


Aaron A.M. Ross
Richmond Pentecostal Church

Richmond British Columbia
(604) 278-3191

Ministry Type