MAK Feature: Lego, Brocks and Mashed Potatoes

MAK Feature: Lego, Brocks and Mashed Potatoes



Greetings from Colombia! Serving in another country, God always finds new ways to astound you. The last couple of years He has really been teaching us to be builders; in some really cool ways!

Do you like Lego? I know that James and Darien do. They love everything from the basic stuff to Star Wars Lego and Lego Technic, but imagine how wild it would be if you could make a ministry out of it. Well we have!


Patty and I work with a lot of Children’s Ministries. In fact, Patty spends most of her week between two different programs and helps the kids with their homework, teaches them how to study better and become more creative.  Well, there is nothing better to spark a kid’s imagination than Lego and it really helps them with their hand/eye coordination as well.  This just means that their hands learn to do better what their eyes are telling them is possible. So children’s ministries really love it, but they can almost never afford to buy it for their kids.


You see in Colombia, Lego is TWICE the price of the same sets in Canada and when you think of how much Colombians make compared to Canada it is really 10 TIMES MORE EXPENSIVE!

So God gave us a ministry where our outreach teams bring us Lego, so much that we have been able to give away some 30 big boxes of “Plastic Goodness” over the last two years!

But God has also had us building something with a very different kind of BRICK, we are building a church!

In Susa, Colombia we have a pastor friend by the name of Carlos. Pastor Carlos has a church of about 80 adults and dozens of children, but only a very small space to meet in. Last year one of their members gave them a piece of land to build on and they thought we will build a new church for 150 people. They were pretty excited!


Then we came along, saw the land and shared a vision with Pastor Carlos that God gave us, not for just a church, rather for a Community Centre that would double as a church! One big enough for 400 people! We actually wrote about this project for MAK last year, asked you kids to pray for the Susa Church and now we are starting to see this dream come true! Thank you for praying!

Since we wrote about the project one church from Ottawa and a donor from the USA have given almost $40,000.00 for the construction. Just a few weeks ago we broke ground and now the walls are starting to go up.  Keep praying!  We still have a long way to go.


And mashed potatoes?  Well, sometimes God gives us big things, but sometimes He just gives us things that are close to our hearts.  Anita is one of our missionary friends who works with poor children. She really sacrifices so that they can be part of her program. And she loves mashed potatoes, especially to make Shepherd’s Pie. So when we dropped off a box of Lego for the kids last month we also brought a HUGE bag of instant mashed potatoes for her. We are not sure which of the two made her happier!

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for our family, pray for the new minivan that we need (we almost have enough money)
  • Pray for our projects like the Susa Church.Thank you, God hears you!

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