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Photo of 11 individuals with global worker Darren McCrea holding their new Bibles.

Bibles for New Believers

Because of your partnership, and the matching grant through ShareWord Global (The Gideons), 10,000 families in Colombia and 3,300 children at Villages of Hope Africa now have access to the Bible.

Together, we raised $102,835 to place the gif of God's Word into the hands of new believes in Colombia and sub-Saharan Africa. You had a part in accelerating his or her discipleship journey.

Jesus says in the gospel of John, that His words are “spirit and life.” Your generosity will continue bring this new life and spirit to believers in these children, families and their communities.

We cannot thank you enough for your partnership. Know that together we can have an impact in the lives of many.

Quote from PAOC Global Worker, Darren McCrea

Photo of a little boy from Colombia with a Bible smiling at the camera.

 Your Gift Impact: Colombia 

  • 10,000 households will receive their first Bible

  • Each person will be personally introduced to the Gospel of Jesus Christ

  • More than 100,000 people are expected to accept Jesus as their personal saviour through this evangelism effort 

Image of a quote from VOH Zambia student, Victoria

Photo of a little girl from VOH Africa with a New Testament Bible smiling at the camera.

Your Gift Impact: Villages of Hope Africa 

  • 3,300 children will receive their first study Bible

  • Each child will learn more about God’s love for them

  • These young disciples will have a transformative impact on their community