Welcome to the website of SERVE Campus Network.


Serving the campuses of our nation

We are a diverse and creative network of dozens of campus faith communities connected by a common commitment to serve the universities and colleges of our nation with Christ's reconciling and transforming love in the power of His Spirit.

Why SERVE ?  Well, IT'S WHAT WE DO... And as we mentioned we are a network. That means a "coalition of the willing". We are certainly diverse. But we have common elements that define us. Obviously, being a Christian network, we have a common 'take' on faith.  But we also discovered a common set of values. Namely :"It is better to give than to take", or it is better to serve than to expect to be served. Another way of putting it is that it is better to be a contributor than a consumer. We found that we  all want to add value to the campuses of our nation and to the students and staff within them. That is not just something we arbitrarily decided or invented. It actually flows out of who Jesus actually is, and our relationship with Him.  

The way He put it was  " The Son of Man ( referring to Himself ) did not come to BE served but to SERVE and to give His life as a ransom for many.." ( Mk 10:45). It's hard to get more emphatic than that. He also said  " Freely you have received. Freely give.. " (Mt 10:8). You get the idea. The more we looked into it the more it made sense.  

So, when we were thinking and praying about what we call our network, we realized that it was both descriptive and challenging at the same time. Serving with the right spirit is hard to do. We have discovered that however difficult it might be, serving in the Spirit of Jesus brings Joy.

Anyways, we now have a name change. And for us, it makes sense. Check it out.

SERVE is a network of C5 campus ministries in relationship with The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC)