Who we are and what we do

We are a diverse team of ministry specialists providing services to PAOC ministries worldwide through accounting and finance, information technology, communications and administrative support.  Through credible and efficient service, we are enabling the effective fulfilment of PAOC’s mission.

The Five Fold Ministry of Fellowship Services

1. Credential Resources

Currently serving approximately 3,500 credential holders, this area of ministry maintains the clergy records for PAOC. Clergy Services provide constitutional support to all credential holders, recording and recognizing the valuable ministry each provides. The National Credential Review Committee meets annually, and establishes the credential standards. An important provision for all PAOC credential holders is the Pension Fund (1969) of The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

Fellowship Statistics

2. Serving the Local Churches

A wide variety of support is offered by Fellowship Services to our PAOC churches including:

  • Offering affordable mortgages  - currently hold $135 million first mortgages with churches across Canada
  • Stewardship Services - assisting churches with Biblical stewardship principles and financial planning
  • Constitutional support – ensuring strong governance and healthy churches
  • Maintaining Title Deeds of church properties via the Declaration of Trust
  • Archives – maintaining a strong PAOC history

3. Partnering with the Districts and Cultural Branch Conferences

We partner with the eight PAOC Districts and two Cultural Branch Conferences in setting the vision for Canada, as well as constitutional support and credentialing services. Working closely with the Superintendents Committee and the National Administrators Committee, decisions are discussed that will maintain a strong PAOC national presence.

4. Providing Administration

Fellowship Services is the administrational hub to the International Office, providing important services such as accounting, information technology, communications, and various other administration in support of the numerous PAOC entities. This area of ministry ensures the healthy and viable operations of the Office as a whole. One important function is the administration of PAOC’s Pension Fund, with current assets of $100 million and a membership of 2,200. Another area administered are the PAOC Trust Funds, now grown to almost $16 million.

5. Supporting a National Fellowship

Fellowship Services plays an important role in supporting the national Fellowship of PAOC by:

  • Supporting and facilitating national committee meetings
  • Assistance in resolving legal issues of the Fellowship
  • Maintaining the General Constitution and By-Laws, as well as the Statement of Fundamental and Essential Truths
  • Interfacing with the Government of Canada on behalf of the Fellowship
...that all may call on the Name of the Lord,
and serve Him shoulder to shoulder.
—Zephaniah 3:9