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University of Victoria SERVE Campus Director

Victoria British Columbia, Canada

Jan 6, 2023    Permanent     PAOC Credentials Required


Job Description

Mission Canada workers are those intentionally sent to Canada’s neediest and least reached regions, aligning with one or more of the Mission Canada priority areas of focus, often referenced as missional ‘gaps.’ Individuals must have a passion for and experience in working with a particular Mission Canada priority group or geographical areas where need and priority have been identified. The role of the SERVE Campus Worker Director is to strengthen the missional discipling community on the university campus; provide pastoral care to students; encourage growth and maturity in discipleship to Jesus; participation in effective outreach and service to the campus; contribute to community building events; and develop new initiatives as needed. The PAOC welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process

Required Skills

• Representative of Jesus Christ and His kingdom • PAOC Credential • Knowledgeable of Campus Environments • Ministry Experience - Enterprising and Resourceful • Accountable in All Areas • Fundraising Ability • Canadian Citizenship • A strong commitment to Christian Faith and service *As an employer, we are a special interest organization that serves people of a specific religious community


John Engels
Mission Canada SERVE Campus Network

Mississauga Ontario
L5N 5Z6

Ministry Type

Young Adult, Missions