Textile Factory General Manager

March 8, 2017
Full Time 2 Year Appointment


Job Description

To oversea the day to day running of the factory including dealing with clients, new client acquisition, production oversight, and quality management.
Be responsible for the submission of bids for jobs
Oversight to the factory budget and staff
Oversight for training and developing local staff
Responsible for deadlines of production and shipment

Required Skills

A high level of personal integrity and an excellent ability to build and maintain professional relationships.
Demonstrated ability in oral and written communications.
A high level of resilience, initiative, adaptability and the ability to work in a fluid and cross-cultural environment.
Respect for the laws and culture of the country of assignment.
An ability to work collaboratively in a group, as a team member or independently.
An ability to solve problems and identify opportunities effectively within a cross-cultural context.
A commitment to personal, professional and spiritual development

Education Required

Business Administration degree and/or MBA

Experience Required

Business manager experience within a cross-cultural context
Textile factory or factory management experience.

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Annual Fundraising Required

North Africa