Child Care Plus Program Officer


Jun 1, 2020    4 Year Appointment


Job Description

This position will provide administrative and operational support to the Global worker lead in Guatemala. Specifically the position will focus on the Child Care Plus program that sponsors 500 + children in 14 schools across the country. Duties and Responsibilities: Under leadership of the Child Care Plus (CPP) program administrators, fulflill operational and administrative roles as assigned in order to learn the annual cycle and required tasks associated with the program such as: - Administrative duties associated with the CCP program - Financial administration of sponsorship funds - Assist in developing social media strategies to share the stories of CCP in Guatemala to grow the sponsor base - Establish effective fundraising partnerships and communication strategies with churches and individuals - Assist in planning and hosting short term teams - Perform other ministry related duties as assigned from time to time in collaboration with the Guatemala Program leads This role will also appeal to an individual looking for a variety of opportunities to engage in the community. You will be mentored by seasoned global workers and can develop your skills in areas like business as mission, teaching English or trades. The opportunities are limitless and can be tailored to your specific interests and skill sets.

Required Skills

- Communication skills - Detail oriented in the areas of financial record keeping and records management - Works well in a team environment - Collaborative - Able to work in a delegated model with minimal oversight - Proficiency in Spanish, opportunity for language learning will be provided - Committed to ongoing personal and professional development

Education Required

Bible College/Seminary is an asset but not required


IM Personnel
PAOC International Missions

Ministry Type


Annual Fundraising Required


Regional Director

Mark Hazzard