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Senior Pastor

Shawville Quebec, Canada

Jun 6, 2023    Permanent     PAOC Credentials Required


Job Description

To mentor, grow, nurture and care to the existing congregation members, from the all age ranges. The congregation requires a shepherd who will tend to their spiritual needs and help them grow in their relationship to God and to live as a Christian community.

Required Skills

Interested candidates must be a credential holder with either the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC), or be able to obtain probationary credentials with the PAOC. • Must meet the qualifications as outlined in 1Tim 3:1-7 and Titus1:7-9, possessing the gift of teaching. • Must be an exceptional biblical teacher/preacher with a firm grasp of theology. • Must have strong verbal and written English communication skills.

Education Required

PAOC Credentials required.

Experience Required

• Full of the Holy Spirit with strong biblical preaching - demonstrate the abilities needed, with a combination of education and experience, befitting this position as a servant leader. • Strong relational skills to provide leadership and direction to Bethel’s board members and support staff. • Experience in a senior leadership position within a rural church setting. - is prayerful, Spirit-led and has experience in applying innovative approaches to church administration and community outreach. - is able to oversee a multicultural/multigenerational congregation, with a focus on children/youth development and discipleship. - has mentorship capabilities and is able to equip teams to lead and/or participate in the various ministries of our church. - has a heart for local and international missions, as well as for visitations.


Jean Cote
Shawville Bethel Pentecostal Board Secretary

Shawville Quebec
J0X 2Y0

Ministry Type

Senior Pastor