Rural Missionary / Community Engagement Specialist

Whitewood Saskatchewan, Canada

Jun 28, 2022    Permanent     PAOC Credentials Required


Job Description

Please Note the Attached File. There is flexibility in this position to be full time or Bi-vocational. The focus in community engagement and there is a need to look at this through the eyes of missions. This is a unique position, as we are looking for a leader, but not someone to just lead in traditional sense. We are a small rural church with a heart to do what it takes to reach those who do not know Jesus in our community and are looking for the right person to fill this role. We are looking for someone who will look at our community with the eyes of a missionary. Live amongst us, learn our communities needs and “language”, engage community members where they are at, and journey with them to the Cross of Christ.

Required Skills

The successful candidate will be someone who: • can think beyond simply pastoring a rural church, and vision what it means to minister to a community (to be a missionary to a rural setting in Saskatchewan, Canada) • desires to enhance life in Whitewood and surrounding area • brings vision and direction to how the church can engage the community • can teach old dogs new tricks. (Our congregation is made up of people who have been in the church for a long time and are looking for someone to train and lead us how to reach people in today’s world. We are mature in faith and willing to grow in how to reach people in 2022 and beyond.) • is able to lead community groups and events • is able to clearly communicate biblical truths in non-traditional settings. • has a heart for the children, youth, and young families that are living rurally but engaged in the entirety of the secular world through mass and social media • relates to people in our rural setting and who loves reaching the lost. • thinks and prays through the needs of our community, then creates and implements the plan or project to help meet those needs • is highly relational, and able to equip the congregation to grow in loving relationships with each other and to build loving relationships with those in our community who are not yet a part of the church. • cares for the community by helping those in need and displaying Christ-like and Christ-centered lifestyle • helps people to recognize, develop, and utilize their gifts for the mission • helps create and maintain effective organizational structures in order to foster a healthy church culture and healthy community structures • enters a coaching relationship with the Saskatchewan District Church Coach • is open to both giving and receiving healthy feedback. Including a yearly review with the help of the District Church Coach, and creating systems to conduct yearly reviews of all ministry leads.

Education Required

Education / Requirements: • The successful candidate must either have or be able to obtain PAOC credentials

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Linda Beutler
Whitewood New Life Community Church:

Whitewood Saskatchewan
S0G 5C0

Ministry Type

Senior Pastor