Reaching Out Romania Site Manager


Dec 4, 2019    2 Year Appointment


Job Description

We are seeking a mature woman to bring support to recovering victims of human trafficking in a rural setting in southwestern Romania. Job Overview: Reaching Out Romania, was donated agricultural land in Craiova, southwestern Romania, near the Serbian border. The land is being developed to produce lavender which will then be marketed to increase self-sustainability for the programs and shelters of the victims of human trafficking. The setting is ideal for some of the girls who have gone through the initial program and will be more comfortable in their next phase of recovery, to work in the lavender fields in a rural setting to which they are accustomed. A mature woman is needed to give oversight and support to the 4 or so girls who will be living in the home. As well she will need to help manage the agricultural processes of the lavender production through its various seasons.

Required Skills

- Ability to self-motivate and maintain spiritual and emotional vitality in an isolated, rustic setting - Ability to be an extended part of the Reaching Out Romania team - Ability to learn Romanian language - Ability to relate to the girls in a mature, supportive and instructional role - Ability to learn and then manage and the basic processes of lavender production - Ability to administrate the needs of the home and oversee the girls and other workers on the land

Education Required

- Post secondary degree in psychology, counselling or coaching preferred

Experience Required

- Prior work with the marginalized - Background in psychology, counselling, coaching - Work in an agricultural setting


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Annual Fundraising Required


Regional Director

Stephen Hertzog