Leadership Training and Community Outreach Coordinator

Rivas Nicaragua

January 25, 2017
Full Time 2 Year Appointment
PAOC Credentials Required


Job Description

With the new project (Centre of Hope) recently constructed in Rivas, Nicaragua, the
purpose will be to build relationships in the community, establish a centre that can
equip and train pastors, connect with the local people to provide bible studies, and
initiate ministry programs to provide feeding/clothing/benevolence. The position will
focus on general oversight of theological training to local and visiting pastors and
ministry to the community. There should be hospitality for several short term mission
teams per year.

Duties & Responsibilities:
- Provide for Leadership development for the local church leadership teams;
- Carry out normal pastoral duties.
- Plan, propose and develop facilities and programs that will have the greatest spiritual impact upon the community. Some examples may include bible studies, drop-in programs, feeding and clothing programs.
- Gather and distribute humanitarian aid and other equipment, as needed.
- Recruit specialized Short-term Teams. Eg. Medical, sports, etc
- Fund raising to support the operation of the centre, and communications with supporters.
- Plan opportunities for Short-Term Missions Teams
- Shall perform other duties as assigned from time to time as ministry develops and opportunities arise.

Required Skills

- Has strong and proven ability in administration, communications, training, and hospitality.
- Leadership and managerial skills.
- Ability to communicate well.
- Good analytical skills.
- Develop the philosophy that every team member has a unique and important contribution to make, and that every team member can contribute to the care and development of the project (Centre of Hope).
- Must be committed to the goal of continuing education for ones self as means of providing for professional and personal development.
- Ability to work with minimal supervision.
- Be courteous and respectful to all fellow team members.

Education Required

Bible College is a must

Experience Required

English required
Spanish required

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Annual Fundraising Required


Regional Director

James Guskjolen