Language teacher

North Africa

Apr 27, 2018    2 Year Appointment


Job Description

The Language Centre will provide opportunity to engage locals relationally through language education and participate in a church planting team. These teams have a primary focus on intentionally sowing the Gospel, training new believers in evangelism, discipleship, and church formation, and raising up indigenous leaders who are faithfully fulfilling the Great Commission.

Required Skills

Teaching and/or assisting to teach classes at the Centre. Fostering and nurturing the development of relationships and community with nationals. The ability to connect well with people.

Education Required

An English as a Second Language certificate or equivalent with another language would be an asset. Primary language being English would be an asset.

Experience Required

Follower of Christ who desires to share the gospel with others through relationship and discipleship. Team and goal orientated. Active learner and desire to engage cross-culturally. Enthusiastic, energetic, personable and friendly. Any teaching experience would be an asset and would be helpful. Materials and assistance can be supplied to assist you.


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Ministry Type


Annual Fundraising Required