Full-time Student Ministries Pastor

Calgary Alberta, Canada

Jun 17, 2020    Permanent


Job Description

Direction of the Student Ministries Program •Implement the mission, vision and values of BP Church, reflect its Cultural DNA and is effective in reaching youth both within and outside of the church. •Work with a team of both adults and students to plan, implement, and oversee spiritual life, spiritual community, discipleship and outreach for Student Ministries •Collaborate with BP Kids and BP Young Adults to create transition points in students lives (kids church to Jr high to high school to University) •Define yearly goals and create a plan to achieve them •Oversee the budget for Student Ministries •Oversee PR for Youth Ministry (website, social media, etc) Student Ministries Leadership •Recruit a team of volunteers to execute Student Ministries •Create and manage a leadership strategy to train and development Student 
Ministry team members as well as Student Leaders Ministry to Parents with Students •Provide counselling and support to parents during difficult times •Work with parents of youth to provide support to each other and to support the ministry •Maintain resources for parents to use to improve their parenting skills and encourage them to be the primary spiritual leader in their child’s life •Plan and execute events that are Parent/Student in nature

Education Required

A college graduate with a degree in student ministry or related field with at least 3 years experience in student ministries in a mid-size church or larger. Possess excellent leadership, public speaking/teaching and interpersonal skills. Have a high degree of creativity and a heart for leading students.


Mark Williams
BP Church

Calgary Alberta
T3K 1H7

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