Evangelism and Church Planting - CCP

West Africa

Apr 27, 2018    2 Year Appointment


Job Description

Purpose of Position: • Enhance the connection of the Gospel to the non-Christian students in our Christian schools with the overarching goal of evangelism and church planting Duties and Responsibilities: • Work with the CCP students and families to encourage and enhance the impact of CCP in the schools of “Eglise Alleluia” • Work with the existing Christian Schools to develop evangelistic connections with students, families and teachers. • Encourage/facilitate the development of Bible clubs in the schools. • Enhance the implementation of an effective Bible Curriculum in the schools with follow-up with the students and teachers and pastor teaching the Bible classes

Required Skills

• Speak French (minimally at an intermediate level)


Human Resources
PAOC International Missions

Ministry Type


Annual Fundraising Required


Regional Director

Jeremy Feller