Native English Teacher


Apr 27, 2018    2 Year Appointment


Job Description

There is an open door of opportunity for native English speaking teachers to teach in local government schools throughout Thailand. As a teacher, the opportunity exists to build relationship with the students and community to share our hope in Christ. This is a great opportunity for retired teachers who want to continue their ministry to children and communities of another nation and who desire to help build the church in Thailand. These job opportunities are for classes of all ages from preschool through to university. Duties/Responsibilities: - Teach English at the government school as specified in the school contract - Engage the local church and community The school term runs from May through Sept and Nov through March. As an employee of the school, the teacher will be directly supervised by the school, not the PAOC. Additional ministry outside of the school will be under the guidance of the PAOC or connected partners. Schools will provide a one year contract and help with the Visa Process and the acquisition of a Work Permit. Some schools will be able to help with accommodations or may have some remuneration; others will not be able to provide more than a noon day meal.

Required Skills

- Aptitude for teaching - Ability to adjust to a cross-cultural context where ambiguity is the norm - Ability to work with nationals - Ability to work on a team

Education Required

- An Education degree or a degree in another field; with teaching experience - Teaching English as a Foreign Language training is an asset

Experience Required

Previous teaching experience, not only English language but teaching other subjects is an asset


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International Missions

Ministry Type


Annual Fundraising Required


Regional Director

Peter Dove