ESL Teachers


January 27, 2016
Full Time 2 Year Appointment


Job Description

Teach ESL as a relationship builder between the community and local churches.
With the implementation of the ASEAN Charter in 2015 (Association of South East Asian Nations) the government of Thailand is moving the English language to the forefront as the language of trade and commerce. Thais therefore see the need to acquire language and seek out native English speakers to teach ESL. The Thai church desires to capitalize on this desire for English by having native English speaker work in conjunction with the local church to build a bridge to the community via ESL.

Required Skills

Some teaching skills. Ability to adjust to a cross-cultural context. Ability to work with nationals. Ability to work on a team.

Education Required

ESL designation is required. Post-secondary education is an asset.

Experience Required

Native English speakers are needed and acquisition of Thai is not a requirement. Previous experience teaching or specifically teaching English is an asset.

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Regional Director

Peter McIntosh