EQUIPPING and mentoring servant leaders

February 7, 2017
Full Time 2 Year Appointment


Job Description

PAOC International Missions has demonstrated excellence in the area of equipping ministries – raising up leaders for the church (pastors, evangelists, teachers, and executive leaders), growing disciples and developing their ministry gifts, raising mission workers, and preparing leaders for marketplace ministry and social change. We are networked with over 50 equipping institutions and training programs around the world. Our global partners are eager for qualified and passionate teachers, administrators, coaches and communicators who will contribute their expertise and experience so that workers for kingdom service are fully equipped. The opportunities range in length of service from a few weeks up to a multi-year assignment.

Required Skills

The primary responsibility for an equipping worker is often a teaching or administrative role. Each partner institution has a training agenda and vision that we invite individuals with shared vision and passions to engage in. Teaching courses, running academic programs, and providing seminars or workshops are all common responsibilities for equipping personnel. The nature of each opportunity is unique which allows us to design and ‘fit’ the placement of interested workers. In addition to teaching roles, all equippers are expected to be excellent role models and mentors for those they serve.

Education Required

Since most of our work is in collaboration with institutions and colleges that offer diplomas and BA degrees, a Masters degree is normally required for extended service as a global worker. We also have global partners that offer graduate degrees where a PhD level qualification is necessary. At the same time we recognize that experience is important and so we are happy to engage individuals who have much to offer from their experience. These appointments are typically for shorter assignments i.e. up to one year. Many of our partners focus on pastoral ministry and theological education but not exclusively. There are opportunities for equippers who have expertise in other fields of study.

Experience Required

We are eager for people who have demonstrated effectiveness in teaching and training. It is preferred that this experience would have taken place in a formal equipping setting (e.g. college/university) however we are very willing to consider prospective equippers with expertise in the non-formal sectors of equipping (e.g. workshops, seminars, pastoral ministry). Each of our partners will share with us their specific requirements and we will do our best to match qualifications of candidates with particular opportunities.

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