Director of Student Life


June 22, 2017
Full Time 2 Year Appointment


Job Description

Serve as the public face of a University Student Centre and Café along with a team. To impact and shape the lives of Thai young adults.
The Director of Student Life would be part of a launch team working to open a University Student Centre and Café. Essentially the Director of Student Life would be the welcoming international face of the Café. The role would include the following:
-Being present in the Café to assist students with homework, hang out and play games
-Program a weekly English Corner at the Café
-Run (based on individual’s skill set) or facilitate special interest groups with volunteers (Baking classes, team sports days etc.)
-Organize "Be My Guest" tours to Imagine Thailand's other locations, Takua Pa and Mae Sot. To provide students the opportunity to discover the needs that exist in their own country as they lead and serve
-Provide opportunities for learning and experiencing western culture, such as Christmas Parties etc.
-Participate as an integral member of the Café management team
-Host small group Bible studies, as there is interest
The people reached by this ministry are one of the most untouched yet accessible people group in the world.

Required Skills

Ability to work within a team.
Flexible and able to adjust to cross-cultural work.

Education Required

Post-secondary education an asset.
Thai language acquisition (on the field) a requirement.
ESL designation an asset.

Experience Required

Café work and asset.
Youth/young adult ministry experience an asset.
Theological background and asset.
Previous experience teaching English is an asset.

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Annual Fundraising Required


Regional Director

Peter McIntosh