Director, Pentecostal Theological Seminary

Recife , Brazil

Apr 27, 2018    2 Year Appointment     PAOC Credentials Required


Job Description

This position will focus on the continued development and general oversight of the “Seminario Theologic Pentecostal do Nordeste” (The Pentecostal Theological Seminary of the NorthEast) and it related ministries and satellite campuses. • The Director will focus on developing a strong Brazilian staff with the goal of nationalizing the Seminary. • The Director is committed to leading and working alongside an elected 6 member leadership team. • The Director will develop and give general oversight to all staff and teachers associated with the Seminary. • The Director will partner with likeminded ministries to enhance the quality and quantity of theological education in the Seminary. 1. Provide theological training for National Churches 2. Partner with likeminded ministries to enhance the quality and quantity of theological education. 3. Engage networking opportunities with civic and business leaders that will work to grow the ministry of the Seminary 4. Promote the ministry to the PAOC Canadian constituency 5. Participate in the recruitment of new Global Workers to the Field 6. Raise Canadian resources and teams to supplement the ministry of the seminary The Candidate: 1. Will provide Leadership for the development of the ministry team of the Seminary. 2. Will provide planning and proposals for development of programs that will impact the future leadership of the church. 3. Will participate, as able, in the teaching of programs offered in the college. 4. Will give leadership to the administration of the school 5. Will be responsible for the financial integrity and needs of the Seminary. 6. Will continue to develop strong relationships with denominations associated with the Seminary. 7. Will engage in fund raising and the necessary communication with the PAOC constituency. 8. Will ensure that all Seminary property is cared for appropriately and in a timely manner. 9. Will engage other duties as may be necessary for the betterment of the Seminary.

Required Skills

• Should exhibit proficiency in English & Portuguese. • Should have acquired necessary leadership and interpersonal skills. • Should have a developed ministry gift of teaching. • Should have a proven understanding of PAOC doctrine an experience in Pentecostal ministry. • The candidate should have an understanding of Seminary education and the development of relevant curriculum/programs. • The candidate should have experience working with a staff. • Will be an example of Christian behaviour. • Will have strong communication skills inside and outside the Seminary. • Will enjoy working with minimal supervision. • Will give evidence of strong interpersonal skills. • Will see every person as having intrinsic value and has a unique and important contribution to make in the success of the Seminary. • Must be committed to the goal of continuing his/her own education. • Will demonstrate an ability to engage cultural mores and norms.

Education Required

The candidate will have a Master’s degree or relevant experience.


Human Resources
PAOC International Missions

Ministry Type


Annual Fundraising Required


Regional Director

Mark Hazzard