Clinical Social Worker/Psychotherapist/Counsellor for Christian Counselling Practice

Woodstock Ontario, Canada

Apr 24, 2020    Permanent


Job Description

General Description of Position: This position is for the role of an Associate working for Tina J. Smith & Associates whom is Registered/Licensed-Therapist/Psychotherapist. This individual shall be responsible for providing counselling/psychotherapy based on a shared view of ministry and a shared commitment to Christian values that creates an environment of trust, cooperation, grace, and enrichment for clients and this practice. This practice is established in the belief that people are created with the capacity to heal, and may need support by a trained therapist to “dig deeper” for healing. General Responsibilities and Duties: • Provide individual, couples, and family counselling. • Work with children and youth • Perform assessments and treatment planning to address the needs of the client(s). • Advocate on behalf of clients where necessary for further supports in the community. • It is expected to participate in ongoing continuing education and personal/professional skill development. • Responsible for keeping oneself abreast of current developments in the state of the mental health field. This includes general awareness of areas that are not considered to be each therapist’s specialty areas.

Required Skills

• Must maintain up to date professional liability and general liability insurance coverage, each in an amount not less than $2,000,000.00 per occurrence or showing proof of professional liability insurance once hired. • Must be able to articulate how s/he integrates his/her commitment to Jesus (directly and indirectly) as a therapist. • Must have a character, integrity and be above reproach in all areas of conduct and life, including the ability to maintain confidentiality. • Trained or willing to participate in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) as this practice works with core wounds that occurred during developmental stages pertaining to attachment wound, historical and present day trauma that can only be effectively accessed through somatic/sensory and emotional state forms of therapeutic treatments. • Consultation and supervision is required with Tina J. Smith (Owner/Director) pertaining to client files, concerns related to this practice, educational upgrading, and EMDR Consultation. • Connect with clients upon receiving messages within 24-48 hours, except for on weekends. • Maintain accurate clinical records and up-to-date schedule on shared clinical practice software called Owlpractice. • Understand areas of Conflict of Interest that could affect this clinical practice and the therapist’s role within the community. • Collect payment from private clients and EAP providers, and provide all payments to Director/Owner for deposit into business account. Salary/Wage and Hours: • Employee commission-based position where associate’s salary is 50% of the hourly rate charged. • Hours are negotiable, but Associate should anticipate working daytime hours and at least one evening per week. • The associate should expect to work towards a minimum of 20 hours of direct counselling/psychotherapy hours per week. Skills Required: • Critical thinking skills • Personal management and organization. • Ability to think creatively and openly. • Writing skills • Ability to use computer software. • Effective communication skills. • Sensitivity and discernment • Empathy • Ability to maintain confidentiality

Education Required

• Must have a minimum qualification of a Masters degree in a mental health field from an accredited academic institution. • Must be registered with a regulated governing body (College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers, The College of Psychologists of Ontario or College of Psychotherapy).

Experience Required

• 5 years of counselling experience is preferred.


Tina Smith
Tina J. Smith & Associates Counselling & Psychotherapy

Woodstock ON
N4S 3C4

Ministry Type

Children, Youth, Young Adult