Christian and Community Development Manager


Apr 27, 2018    2 Year Appointment


Job Description

Chaplain position for the school with intentional interaction with students, teachers and families. ● Develop pastoral relationships with students, parents, teachers and staff that support them to grow both personally, spiritually, and with an understanding of the Christian faith. ● Assist in Seeds of Hope program through fundraising, SEED trips, and assemblies as needed ● Partnering with school counselors and UGO to identify “at risk” students for mentoring and counseling ● Form pastoral relationships with teachers and staff to help them navigate the challenges of the school environment ● Working closely with teachers, parents, YCIS divisions to create an environment of pastoral care ● Participation in Student Christian Fellowships ● Performing administrative tasks, writing reports and articles as well as responding to enquiries when necessary ● Participate in daily assemblies in Secondary & Primary bringing a Christian message to the Student Body ● Implementing Christian and / or community-based activities e.g. youthalpha, youth camps, community projects, outdoor education and sporting activities etc ● Be available to support CCDD programs in various YC and YW campuses as needed. ● Lead worship and / or provide music for assemblies and activities ● Initiate sports and partner with existing sports programs to create mentoring opportunities ● Organise music / band opportunities for students and teachers ● Assist the school arts, drama, and music leaders as needed

Required Skills

The Christian & Community Development Chaplain is an innovator who uses their pastoral and arts related skills to bring moral and spiritual values based on Christian faith to the YCIS community, affirming the worth and dignity of each individual while instilling in each student a caring attitude towards people and the environment The CCDD Chaplain will initiate programs and activities as well as support school initiated programs that will create life-affirming (John 10:10) development for students and teachers alike.

Education Required

• Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university.

Experience Required

• Experience in leading church and / or Christian based programs • Experienced in leading within an International school environment desirable. • Communication abilities with preaching & teaching experience. • Pastoral skills that are exhibited in passion for reaching out and connecting students, teachers, and parents in the YCIS community. • Experience in mentoring, discipleship, and developing both small group leaders and leaders of leaders. • Strong project management and people skills. • Able to take initiative easily, problem-solve, persevere in difficult circumstances, and resolve conflicts. • Proven strength in an arts field (Music, Film, Drama, Art etc) Multi-disciplinary preferred


Human Resources
PAOC International Missions

Ministry Type


Annual Fundraising Required


Regional Director

Regional Director for RAN