Care and Outreach Pastor - BIC


Apr 27, 2018    2 Year Appointment     PAOC Credentials Required


Job Description

The International Church of Bucharest serves as the base for local and national ministry. It is a multicultural church which ministers to people groups of diverse ages, ethnicity and culture. Its uniqueness and strength among International Churches is that the majority of the church community is Romanian with international experience and perspective. Work with the Ministry Leadership Team to bring pastoral care, growth, development and outreach among the Internationals of the English speaking sector of the Bucharest International Church. PASTORAL CARE of the English Speaking Sector: - Give oversight to the elements and organization of the Sunday morning English hour, preaching/teaching as needed - Home group development and discipleship - Encouragement and mentorship COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Develop relational connections with the International community of Bucharest INTEGRATION WITH BIC MINISTRIES, EVENTS AND LEADERSHIP: Be a friend, resource, and an encouragement to the developing leaders in the church, especially the Ministry Leadership Team (MLT) - Provide some teaching/seminars in areas of expertise and passion for both English speaking and Romania internationals.

Required Skills

- Effectual preaching/teaching presentation both in large and smaller congregational settings and group settings - Able to find fulfillment as part of a larger team, to work in a high stress environment working in partnership with strong primary leaders, and to fit with the direction and vision of the church, integrating into the whole - Pastoral heart and calling with commitment to a high degree of relationship between pastor and church - Young enough to adapt (preferably under age 45) and yet with maturity and exemplary character qualities as outlined Biblically - Teachable, self-motivated with high energy and with good organizational skills

Education Required

Theological Degree with Pastoral and/or Missions Focus Secular Degree or Experience

Experience Required

- Ability and experience in a metropolitan city and with multi-cultural people groups - Prior international experience; adaptable and appreciative of the local and national setting and history; acquainted with foreign culture - Interest and ability for language acquisition - Professional background or ability to connect well with the International CEO’s, NGO’s, teachers, government personnel, etc. of the International community.


Human Resources

Ministry Type


Annual Fundraising Required


Regional Director

Stephen Hertzog